Friday, 2 October 2015

Hmmm...Kickstarter Inspiration for New Praetorian Unit.

Being a fan of Victorian sci fi and having a lot if spare Praetorians, I'm considering jumping in for three of the tunnelers. Possibly as an alternative Armoured Fist Platoon...with Deep Strike rules.  We'll see, I still have my Stormlord veterans to paint up.


  1. Oooh, I hadn't seen those, good call. I'm imagining saving the Preatorians and getting DKK engineers and headswapping has crossed your mind ? A Mole Mortar, man, you can't drive 'round in Hellborers without carrying a mole mortar as a support weapon !

  2. The concepts look great, but being Mantic I think I might wait and see how the finished product looks, I've not generally been impressed by the quality of mantics actual models in terms of actual quality or how well their concepts transfer to realities.