Sunday, 18 October 2015

Stormlord Detachment Upcoming Projects

Despite only getting home at weekends, I have managed to finish the three Veteran Squads to go with the Stormlord although some tidying up of uniform trims is required.

As for the future, I have another 55 strong Redcoat platoon to complete. Once those are done, I need to wait for Autumn next year when I should be receiving the Mantic Tunneler battlegroup for a planned 25 man platoon.  What colour scheme to go for?  I'll probably go for either a Boer War inspired scheme or base them on British WWI colouring just for something different.

In addition, there is also the Victoria Lamb designed BFG!!! (Three of them). 
I think I'm lining up enough work for my retirement in 7 years time!


  1. This guy never stops! Nice to see mate. I hope the Stormlord gets a game in now and then. They are fun models to use.
    Three BFG's you say. Let us know what they are like when they come out - I passed on that one.

    1. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on them. I'm keeping a good look out for some suitably large base to put them on. I may even stretch to a Forge World ROB tile!

  2. Yeah, don't ever.

    Gonna have to see these boys in the flesh one day. I'll wait for you finish first...