Sunday, 27 March 2016

Card and Necromunda Plastic Bulkhead Terrain Was The Business...

After completing the bunkers (apart from one that suffered a mishap and will need some extra work), I ventured into the loft to dog out the others.

The first release was the Firebase. A nifty little landing pad.

I never picked up the Bastion for some reason, but the Battle Bunker was the one I bought next.

Some White Dwarf insert barricades that came out at the same time as the Storm of Vengeance campaign pack.

The Imperial Guard Command Tower.

The power station from Storm of Vengeance.

The Orks even got in on the action but I never purchased this one either.

 And of course, some people are talented enough to improve on the original!


  1. Excellent stuff - the things one finds in one's loft. You'll have to figure out a way of using some of that as a backdrop for your team photos. As it is, that table looks like it would suitably formidable for a 7e game, where such things are positively encouraged. And for a Arbites precinct for a 'munda game. Ooooh the possibilities. And absolutely love that bloke's cast version.

  2. I don't know why but i love those cardboard terrain pieces so much. I have a few but not all of them. Great collection Ady