Sunday, 20 March 2016

Some Nostalgic Old Schoolery

As I'm beginning the wind down to some time off at the end of next week, I broke out one of those long festering old projects this weekend.

As a result I have two of the five White Dwarf freebie card bunkers built with three to go.

I just have to pick up some plastic sheeting to mount them on.  After that I may dig out the other card and Necromunda bulkhead scenery that I have for a photo call.


  1. I'd be so tempted to build up plasticard for 3d looking at the printed detail for a pattern.

    In fact, thinking about it, you could use one as a pattern to make even more. Not that I would suggest it, you could pm me a jpeg of a photocopy and I could do that as well....

    But that would be cheeky.

    1. I'll scan them in when I get home next weekend and post one on.

      I do know that lurking on the internet somewhere, someone did a 3D scan of the old Imperial Guard Command Tower and that turned out quite well. I'll see if I can link to that blog again.

      The other old WD pages I have are where they gave you a template for a open top bunkers with connecting walkways. I'm tempted to cereal box some of those again.