Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Huzzah! GW Reference Praetoria Again.

Now,  there was a rumour going around that, years ago, a GW high up considered that the Praetorian Imperial Guard were a slightly amusing joke that had got out of hand,  Hence, their models going OOP whilst older 2nd Ed metals are still around long after the Praetorians disappeared.

This could be further reinforced by noting that the Redcoats In Spaaaace hadn't featured in a Codex since the 3rd Ed version.

Today, however, in the latest of The Regimental Standard blogposts containing advice from Capt Catachan,

there is the line:

Please excuse his colourful language and harsh local colloquialisms: he was raised in less refined surroundings than you, good men of Mordia, Praetoria and Cadia.*

Hooray.  New models please!!!!


  1. HA! Well there you go. I'll be.

    1. "New models" is my completely baseless wish listing...unfortunately.

  2. Wow. Now that would be interesting...!