Saturday, 1 July 2017

I Couldn't Resist....

As per the title, I just had to unpack a BFG and have a little play.

The kit is an absolute dream.  With everything pre-cut from the sprue and nattily laid out in the box, it is so easy to put together.

I haven't glued the wheels and undercarriage together as I'm awaiting some tracks and a gun shield but, as a positive, I'll have plenty of wheels left over for some conversions.

The gun is made from hard plastic. The crew, however, are made of the Bones material which, to me, feels a little weird.  It is very soft and fairly bendy.  Again, there is a positive.  The heads are easy to remove to add the pith helmets (so sue me, it's a Praetorian blog).

No issues with the female crew as some of Victoria's female pith helmet heads are on the way with the tracks.

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