Sunday, 16 July 2017

It's Just So Cute

Opinion of GW will always be, shall we say, divided.

The new starter sets however do have things going for them.

Number 1, the box makes simple terrain.  I love the cargo containers.  They'll fit in with my old 2nd Ed terrain next time I set them up.

The snap fit figures are nice as well.  I know the later box sets may have more options but I have enough there to add to the Dark Imperium box set to have a decent Primaris set up.

Now, do I consider picking up another four mats to have enough for a 6ft x 4ft table?  Has to be cheaper and easier to store than a Sector Imperialis.


  1. So, who will they be ? Knights of Absolution ? Marines Errant ? Sons of Orpheus ?

    1. Not while I still have a can of Army Painter UM Blue!! Anything else would require painting skill....