Friday, 9 August 2019

Plague Marines Muster

As it's back to work soon, I thought it would be an ideal time to take stock of the Death Guard army I've collected, primarily via Warhammer:Conquest, so far.

The collection gives you a choice of Lords with Lord Felthius ( and his cohort) plus the Lord from the Dark Imperium box.

The majority of the Death Guard characters/ heroes are present starting with the Noxious Blightbringer.

I think the only hero left is the Tallyman with Typhus as the main character to arrive soon.

Below are the Death Guard Terminators that are the only main purchase I have made additional to the subscription.

A five strong squad made up of two units of Felthius' cohort. The second Plaguespitter model is held in reserve.

As mentioned in previous posts, the majority of Plague Marines I have so far have been the easy build trio or the single pose Dark Imperium models.

I have made some bits purchases and taken the modelling knife to a fair few of the models to try and add spme variety. You can see examples of this over the next couple pf photographs.

The alternate colour scheme unit along with their Bloat Drone.

Due to the £7.99 price tag, I've acquired a decent sized armoured section with three Blight Haulers, four Bloat Drones and two Plague Bursters with a third on the way from Forbidden Planet.


  1. Booo ! Boo !

    Hopefully those sisters in the previous post will lead the Preatorians to vistory over these pestilent traitors. Hurray ! Hurray !

    1. I was.

      ....and then I was a Gunner. But I was a Hussar first ;)