Sunday, 9 November 2014

Fast delivery from Oz = Pimp My Ride!

Well, as well as being a purveyor of fine add on parts for IG, Victoria's Miniatures also get top marks for quick delivery.

The wheels mentioned in my last post were ordered on 2 Nov and arrived at my house on 8 Nov.  Not bad from Australia.

As a result, the transport for one of veteran squads is also on the jobs board.


  1. Hmm.... I tried to post but it didn't seem to work, so... Very nice. I think those look much better than the GW tracks. Looking forward to seeing this get painted up.

  2. These look great, I've done two of these with the tracks and agree wheels look better. In the picture the model looks taller, is this the case and by how much? Would it be possible to use these wheels to create a half track with wheels at the front and tracks at the back?

    1. Unfortunately I'm just about to head off to the train station to head back to work so I'll check next week. I was going to use the rear tracks to make a platform for the Aegis Line autocannons, kind of like a mini remote control Hydra.