Sunday, 2 November 2014

SLOW Work in Progress plus What's Coming Up

With the Real World getting in the way, to wit being unwillingly based in London and only being home at weekends, hobby time has taken a back seat to family time.  As such, progress has been slow on my Praetorian Rifles with only 10 on the way to being painted.  I have however had a bash at the motorcyclists, deciding that they could be members of the green jackets rather than the standard Praetorians.  Yet to be finished is their Land Rover Support Vehicle but hopefully that shouldn't take long.
Just to be different, I undercoated these with some of the Bolt Action British Uniform brown spray that I picked up for some Bolt Action and Airfix projects (now firmly on the back burner).

Upcoming will work once the order goes in to Victoria Miniatures for some Taurox wheels.  I have a Taurox but have been waiting for a decent wheel set to come along as I have very little love for the tracked version.  Now if GW had made it as a half track!

I think the Taurox will make a nice ride for one of the Rifles veteran squads, just to differentiate them again from the standard line infantry.

Hopefully, I'll grab some time again next week but remember, it's Remembrance Sunday so I will have other priorities.

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