Sunday, 30 November 2014

Squad and Transport about another 60 to go!

 Finally, the first of the veteran Squads and the Taurox complete.

After another bout of weakness upon finding another 22 on Buy It Now for £32 (postage included), I have about another 60 plus to paint up.

Why do we do it?

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  1. It eventually becomes a complusion of sorts. I now have more armies than I can fit on my gaming tables, dining table and breakfast bar all at once. It's mad, but I can still see the need for more; I would love to add another DKK Mechanised Inf Coy, DKK Armoured Sqn and Valhallan Coy. It would just 'round the collection out in terms of a viable and probable units in a larger formation.

    Its an effort not to do it, sometimes.