Sunday, 7 December 2014

A Little Side Project Nears Completion

Finally, a little something that was slowly being worked on as and when I fancied is getting closer to completion.

I thought I'd put together a scout detachment for my Praetorians using the bikes as produced by Curious Constructs and an Airfix Land Rover kit with some leftovers from my bits box.



  1. Cool. I'm not sure that Land Rover is to my taste, but It looks good with the rest of the bikes and that is what is important. The bikes look great to, shall you deploy them as Rough Riders? If so, have you thought about weapon options?

    1. The Land Rover is definitely a "Nice concept, shame about the execution" project.

      I envisage the bikes as Rough Riders but haven't really thought more about what to do with them.