Monday, 29 December 2014

Production Line - Day 8 - Here's Some I Prepared Earlier

As previously stated, yesterday saw me change tack and moving away from the 40 GW Praetorians I still have to paint up to finish off some Highlanders that have been bubbling away for some time now.

First up is a squad made up of Victoria Lamb's latest incarnation of her Highland Guard based on the models she converted years ago that became GW's Drookian Fen Guard ( I must admit I'm a bit chicken and egg on whether her models inspired GW's background or if it was the other way round). I don't use her Highland Guard heads but stick with pith helmets. These models are resin and are so much better than the already excellent metal first generation models.

Moving onto the metals, shown below is the core of a Platoon Command Squad.  The officer is Vic Lamb's Captain Caine model but with the upper half transplanted onto some kilted legs.  These three will be joined by two melta gunners.

In need of some extra members, this squad will receive a Sergeant, a Guardsman and two Heavy Weapons Crew.  I'll see what I have from Curious Constructs in my bits box for these.

The second squad is in need of a finished paint job.  The Gatling (Heavy Bolter) is one of Col Gravis' first stab at heavy weapons before his first resin Kickstarter.

A previously completed squad however I may have a dig around and see if I have some bits available for a special weapon Guardsman.

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