Sunday, 14 December 2014

What to dive into over Christmas?

Turkey or 70 Praetorians?

The 30 on the right will be painted up as Greenjacket Veterans, the ones on the left will join their redcoated brethren.  Of course this will mean another tabletop muster.  The kneeling Guardsmen may be paired up with a lascannon team crewmember so I can man up some spare heavy weapons I have laying around.

Likelihood of being done by the end of the holidays isn't great but its nice to get some motivation on.


  1. Impressive!! Good Luck over the holidays, and I'm sure those will look great once you've got them all done!

  2. That is a pretty large project to crack on with. Good luck though!

  3. Nice. Looking forward to see your 'I did the whole lot of them' post as I lie bloated on turkey and sundry pork products....

  4. I am looking to do some painting as well. I will do my best to keep you motivated.