Saturday, 15 October 2016

I FOUND THE HOLY GRAIL....and some other stuff!

You may remember but I recently blogged my 2nd Ed terrain collection such as the Firebase and Imperial Guard Command Tower.  I also mentioned the Ork Stronghold was rarer than Ricking horse poo.  Well, whilst marooned and unable to get home this weekend I conducted a cycling tour of Pompey game/ hobby shops where I found this.

After showing consumer resistance akin to the breaking strain of a soggy digestive, it was mine.

I also found some Wargames Factory Shock Troops so these are being knocked together as some additional Cultists with leftovers from the Neophyte kits.

Good Times.


  1. Fantastic haul ! Hurrah for your 'consumer resistance'.

  2. That stronghold is really something else - great find

  3. Jeez!

    As a Pompey lad meself, I'm bound to ask: where did you find this?!

  4. The stronghold was from Southsea Models in Albert Road just up from the King's Theatre. Its been a guilty pleasure for the last 18 years or so.

    1. Love it! Always have!

      Although they almost never have anything in there that I either want or can afford, I often sneak out there when I'm visiting home...particularly if Mrs Drax isn't with me!

      My daughters - inevitably - call it "The Dragon Shop"!