Friday, 7 October 2016

Victoria's Definitely After My Money....

Temptation.  It's a BAD THING that must be resisted.

Fine in  theory but Victoria Miniatures do produce such fine toys!!

From Victoria Lamb's workbench we have female Victorian Guard...or female not-Praetorians in old money.

Now when these heads become available, there could be a swap coming for the crews that come with the Reaper BFGs.

I now foresee how I can include the female figures.  They form the BFG Battery's organic protection force.  A nice old school blue artillery uniform coming up.


  1. Ooooh. More temptation.

    Looking forward to seeing yours done...

    obtw, "he" has been consigned to the warp. Some thing I hadn't seen, so I hope he's not a duplicate....

    1. Oohh. Cryptic. As for the warning order to 'stand by', it might be a while as I won't be home for two weeks.