Monday, 3 October 2016

Kickstarter Projects Nearing Delivery

Excitement grows as the KS completion dates seem to be drawing near.

First up, another photo of the Tunneler from Mantic.

New quandry:

Transport for Imperial Guard or Genestealer Cultists (Goliath stand in)?

Then, finally, Reaper have released photos of the BFG and crew as designed by Victoria Miniatures.

I have three on order.

The problem is that I have no way of intercepting these before CINGNAGHOME finds them due to working away Mon - Fri.  The odds are against me keeping them hidden.

First World problems eh?

I believe the materials are different from what I am used to.  The figures appear to a one piece plastic and the BFG itself will require superglue.  I understand the plastic is more like LEGO blocks than the usual GW style plastic.

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  1. The Blood Pact are looking forward to those guns arriving.