Monday, 8 May 2017

Returning To My One True Love...The Imperial Guard.

After a short dalliance with other projects, it's back to painting the Redcoat masses.  First of all I have to finish the smaller details and helmets on this platoon, then it's on to the mortar squads.

Of course, we have to see what happens to the Guard with 8th Ed rules but, if it takes 500 bolters to bring down a Gorkanaut ( ), can I fit enough lasguns on aboard to do the same?

At least it loks like a slight reversion to 2nd Ed rules is going to happen.  Those lascannons inside a squad can now go after a different target from the main troopers.


  1. Have you got 500 lasguns ? I'm struggling to remember but I think you've got more than that.

    1. With all the models, icluding Mordians and Victoria Miniatures' squads I must be around that level. I need somebody else to do the maths though on how many lasguns are required to do what takes 500 Boltguns. Luckily, I've got a fair few lascannons in the army!