Sunday, 14 May 2017

When You Get A Tax Rebate Before A Wargames Show...Part 1

Hey, it's like free money!!

First of, there were two boxes of Kharadron Arkanauts crying to be bought.

We have a Command Squad...

...with Officer and Plasma Gunner.

A Medic.

A Platoon Standard Bearer (using old Imperial Guard Orderly bits).

The second squad to make up the Platoon.

This Squad's missile launcher uses a spare Sentinel missile launcher (at least I think that's where the bit comes from).

The first Squad I built waiting some undercoat.


  1. Excellent work. Loving the RBT 'guard bits.

    1. Fortunately I still have a fair few of the Squat arms kicking around and the lasguns to go with them. Newer lasguns don't work well with these models without a lot of extra work. Things like magazines get in the way. It's not a problem with the simple Rogue Trader era weapons.