Monday, 15 May 2017

When You Get A Tax Rebate Before A Wargames Show...Part 2

A Stompa for £40.  That was bought and placed in the back of a car within 10 minutes of getting in the venue.

It's not perfect.  The original owner has left a fair few gaps that will need filling but the box came with most of the parts still on their sprues.

The one addition I have made however is the presence of a large lump of green stuff on the head for a beret.  The Stompa will be providing heavy support for my Blood Axe boys.  I've used the Blood Axe symbol from the Nobs kit to add a beret badge.

I think to save time, this one will be painted with sprays and the use of large amounts of blue tac for a camouflage pattern.

Busy times!!