Saturday, 31 January 2015

Good Job The Dining Room Table Extends!!!

As promised, here is my Imperial Guard in its painted entirety.

I have conducted other musters before but last time I left out the Highlanders and the Mordians.  Now, thanks to a new dining table with a fold away extending mid-section, I can get them all out.

Roughly 6500 points without spamming up on Wargear.

The Armoured Fist Platoon is shown below.  Command Squad plus four, all mounted. No heavy weapons included with this platoon.

The 1st Platoon.  Shown in the background are some of the six Heavy Weapon Squads that I can split between the platoons.

2nd Platoon

3rd Platoon.

As painted up over Christmas, four Veteran Squads painted up using a mock Rifles scheme.  The first squad is mounted in a wheeled Taurox and has three converted plasma gunners.

The Praetorian Highlanders platoon led by a converted Victoria Miniatures' Captain Caine (now demoted to Lieutenant and given a skirt!)

The new resin Victoria Miniatures parts went into the squad below.  I now need to buy up a couple of the 5-man squad choices now available from that company to get another 10 figures but 5 with plasma guns.

The Mordian Command Squad.  Much reduced from the original Mordian contingent shown on the site some time ago.  I retained a Command plus two infantry squad platoon with Chimeras, a Leman Russ and two Heavy Weapon Squads. 

The new Hydra.

The Curious Constructs motorcycles. Ready to be used as Rough Riders alongside the Greenjacket veterans.

Curious Constructs Heavy Weapon contingents  I painted the first squad of these in the Praetorian red but my repaint them to match the dark blue Artilleryman colour scheme.  The new resin gunners that came with Curious Constructs' most recent Kickstarter will also be blue.

More Heavy Weapon squads.  Metal Praetorians with the GW plastic weapons.

The Company Command with Master of Ordnance and my 2nd Ed Ogryn Nork Deddog conversion.

A second Company Command using Creed & Kell with converted Cadian Guardsmen and a Sister Hospitaller representing a med pack Guardsman.

I really need to redo the Squat engineer.

A bendy panoramic shot to finish off with.....

.......but is any army truly finished!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You have made e very happy. What a beautiful army, congratulations and thanks for sharing! So many infantry, I'm very jealous about that, I clearly need to work on my infantry! Also I love the highland platoon.

    How long has it take you to put this army together?

    1. The praise means a lot coming from someone with a fantastically painted army like yours.

      These boys have been a long term labour of love. The Mordians are from the 1995 2nd Ed Guard releases. The Praetorians started from the
      original £50 box set release which I think was 1998.

  2. I agree with the good Col. That's one hell of an army you've got there, and something to be proud of. I love the Infantry, platoon and platoon and platoon. That's where the Guards strength is, in the millions of infantry standing should to shoulder.

  3. Beautiful - just beautiful!

    I absolutely love those highlanders...and the - er - chamber pot(?) on Nork's head!

    1. Chamber pot?!!!

      Poorly sculpted with modelling clay attempt at a pith helmet. I can always use the excuse that Ogryns don't do "Art"....or something.

      Thanks for the link boost from your blog by the way.

  4. Awesome. I agree with the above comments, great to see a guard army with plenty of platoons! Very jealous of all those praetorians!

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  6. LOVE IT! You are a painting machine, mate!
    Cheers for the updated post.

  7. Spectacular sight! I'm also very much a fan of how much infantry you have here. Feed more meat into the machine!

  8. just marvellous!!!!! that's my dream, I'll try it as soon as my space marine chapter gets a couple of companies.

  9. Thanks for the comments. I appreciate all of them.

    Just don't ask how much I' ve spent!!!!!

  10. So many painted chaps! Very impressive, i feel like i ought to go and paint some of mine now...