Saturday, 3 January 2015

Production Line - Day 13 - Two Projects Complete

It's always nice to finish off a project and these boys have been on the backburner for some time.

I now have a completed platoon of Praetorian Highlanders as well as the four squads of Veterans that were painted at the beginning of this holiday period.

Unfortunately, new projects and whims always surface.  As I've had a bit of a boon selling off childhood toys on eBay recently, I'm now eyeing up some of Victoria Lamb's resin Highlander parts to complete a squad or two of veterans or even kilted Stormtroopers. 


  1. Excellent work. Fantastic effort too.

    1. Thanks for the comments and I must admit that I am in awe of your Death Korps.

  2. Very nice indeed. It's always a joy to watch someone power through the process of getting a project completed, especially when it comes out looking like this. Great Job.

  3. Congratulations! They look brilliant. My Praetorians would be proud to line up alongside these fellows.

    Any chance of some whole army pictures? Or perhaps of the highlanders and veterans on parade as it were.

  4. Unfortunately I'm out of time for this holiday period. I am away from home during the week as well meaning weekends are quite strapped for time. I do need to get them all out again however,so I can judge how best to fit in the remaining 40 unpainted GW Praetorians. It'll have to be a case of watch this space. Thanks for all the feedback though.