Sunday, 18 January 2015

Two Tickets For The Gun Show!

I managed to get some more construction time in so a quick extra update before I have to head off for the working week again.

Two more cannons built including one for indirect fire.  Notice how the cogs from the elevating platform fit in with the inside of the gun shield.

A constructed multi-rocket launcher.

A couple of views of the flak cannon on the platform.

It is noted on the Kickstarter pages that the flak cannon and multiple launcher do not, at present, fit on the tracked or wheeled platforms.  That is a bit of a shame as I only ordered six static platforms and went for three tracked.  Rob Angell has stated that Kit of Zinge is working on a fix for that issue.

In the meantime, these platforms have been designed with the weapons from the first KS in mind.  As I have spare autocannons and Tesla guns from that project, I may look into doing some magnetising.

With the rumours of some kind of GW Skitari being inbound, the Tesla weapon may have a home on the way.

finally, the resin crew.  These have been designed as two piece rather than multiple separate arms but do fit in well with the GW Praetorian aesthetic.

With the spare ammo sprue, you can remove your favourite ammo type and glue it into the waiting hands of three of the four standing crew below

At present I haven't glued the crew onto the bases as the static mounts come with a variety of extra platforms, consoles and ladders that can be added to the main platform.  As such I may remove the slotta tab and actually glue crewmen onto the platform itself, I'll have to see how that goes.

More will have to wait for next week....unfortunately.


  1. Those a looking great, the good Col. and Zinge Industries did a great job on those. Now I just wish I had mine... Looking forward to seeing your painted up. Oh, and a quick question, do they fit on a Heavy Weapons Base? The 60mm ones?

    1. The tips of the feet are outside the edge of a 60mm base. I'll post a photo next weekend.

  2. Very cool mate. Cheers for doing the second post showing the additional views.

    They really do look good and i agree they will look the part in an Ad Mech detachment.