Friday, 25 April 2014

252 Original GW Praetorian models

In answer to a question I was asked, there are 252 metal GW Praetorians in my army.

I considered trying to fit in the Mordians and Vic Lamb Highlanders but, that's a no go.

Basically enough for 3 full platoons (Command Squad + 5 Squads) and an Armoured Fist Platoon (Command + 4 mounted Squads).  Some models left over for Heavy Weapon Squads and one 3 melta Special Weapon Squad.

Company Command Squad with the metal Bone 'Ead as Nork Deddog.  I'm considering gluing on the Commissar Cap and Loudspeaker from the plastic set to this model.   Curious Constructs Tank Commander is sitting proudly in the turret.

Showing my age again.  I can remember when I thought that was a nice colour scheme.  Someone has a date with a Dettol bath before becoming the Army's Enginseer.

 1st Platoon
  2nd Platoon

  3rd Platoon

 Curious Constructs Heavy Weapon pieces...

...led by the Bombardier.

Armoured Fist Platoon

 My original Rough Riders converted from Rogue Trader models.

Full squad of 10 Vic Lamb miniatures. 

 I used to use the bods above as Storm Troopers but I will probably re-cat them as Veterans

I'm an Iron Maiden fan don't you know.  This banner is NOT hand painted!


  1. Well I must express my disappointment; Why arn't the Valkyrie crew wearing pith helmets/solar toupees ?

    Seriously, that's impressive. Well done.

  2. This looks amazing, mate, and what an achievement: well done you!

    I meant to tell you - the last time you took big pics on this table, I thought th wee circles were from where you'd spray-base-coated miniatures!

    Oh, and that banner is absolute genius.

  3. Absolutely beautiful!! It's always wonderful to see such a large army on parade, and especially one that's painted.

  4. Thats a lot of lead! Top notch army, and it just had to be Eddie from The Trooper! As another Maiden fan, I salute you.

  5. That's amazing!

    What's the weight limit on your table lol? Would not envy you carrying that much metal around.

    Awesome work!

  6. Very good looking army, nicely done. Love the Iron Maiden flag!
    I can recommend using Mordians as Conscripts, I painted mine with blue caps with a red band to suggest an undress cap.