Sunday, 13 April 2014

New Builds and Work In progress

First up, the Scions from Kirton Games arrived yesterday (great packaging, free postage and 10% discount).  Once I added these to the original box I picked up and the Scion torso and leg bits from bmf-bits (via eBay), I now have the Command Squad and a squad of 10 Storm Troopers.

My only gripe with these figures (and it is a minor niggle) is that the comm link Trooper may end up looking a bit samey across several squads unless you get inventive.  However, the amount of bits you end up with, especially after doing a Command Squad means I was able to complete a further five lasgun troopers using just the torsos and legs I bought from eBay.


Curious Constructs bikers with Vic Lamb heads with goggles.
Curious Constructs artillery crew in the blue uniforms.  I'll probably repaint the original team and Bombardier character that have already featured in the Blog just for some added variety amongst the Redcoats.


  1. stunning work, and great shout on ordering just the torsos and legs to make 5 more. I'm thinking I might combine them with VLs kilts to make some highland versions!

    1. I must admit that the new resin kilts from VL beat the original metal ones hands down.

  2. These look just amazing! I'd so love to see these badboys in the flesh!