Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Production Line Day 10

Staying motivated and with the help of what looks like a bunch of Dog Toffee weather today, I should have these fellas finished.

Weapon casings, uniform eagles and buttons, chinstraps and helmets and that's another 39 Guardsmen ready to muster.

Now should I pick up any more, I may do some Rifles green troops.  Keep Heavy Weapons out and each Platoon can have a squad as an attachment.  Something along the lines of how the 95th and 60th were used in the Peninsula. 

Or could that be how I paint up my Veterans.....?

That's how new projects are born.....


  1. Really looking good now. It's been good following these guys progress, and has motivated me to continue with my infantry. Funnily enough I have also got 39 guardsmen on the go.

    I think the green jackets would be a great idea, nice mix of kneeling figures in there to add to the Rifle element.

  2. An impressive production line you have going there! The advantage of Praetorians is you can lift stuff straight from Napoleonics like riflemen and cavalrymen I suppose.

  3. Echoing the other lads, a cracking production process.

    The one thing I have enjoyed aside from the models over the last 5-6 posts has been watching the picasso-esque production on your painting surface as you seem to block in a new colour each day.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    The article below is the one that set me off for including a 'Rifles' detachment. I never considered the fact that Green Jackets would probably have been kicking around in the Zulu Wars. Too much Redcoat indoctrination.

    Personally, I may wait to see what Col Gravis comes up with for his planned Curious Constructs Firing Line set of troops. The old GW stuff is getting harder to find at a decent price on eBay or elsewhere.

    Frothing Muppets, you've noticed what happens when my attention starts wandering.