Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Production Line Day 2

I managed to get a a fair bit done in between family outings and dog walking.
Unlikley to get much done today as its a theme park day and family dining out tonight.


  1. At this point - given the splendid weather we've been having - maybe it's worth engineering some massive family fall-out...?

    1. I'm fairly brave, seen some bad stuff but I am not incurring the wrath of the Long Haired Admiral. She rolls a 2+ on 2 dice and I get hammered by the Strategic Mother Reinforcement stratagem.

    2. And they're invulnerable.

      No question of a save, no need for eternal warrior, they're just invulnerable.

    3. You know exactly where I'm coming from!

      I do have it easy though. I'm forgiven my wargaming foibles as I don't inflict a Sky Sports sub and 24 hour Premier League into my household.