Saturday, 18 January 2014

Ave Dominus Nox...but not the silly winged helmets!

Of course, I'm not just a good guy, weakling follower of the Corpse God.  When I wish to indulge my..shall we say..nastier side I can always fall back on the Night Lords NEGATIVE winged helmets!

While I find some time to photograph more of the army, here's my representation of Talos from Aaron Dembski-Bowden's excellent Night Lords trilogy.  The model is based of one of the 2nd Ed Chaos metals with a Terminator combi-bolter, metal Shoulder Pad, champion back pack and a Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard power sword from the bits box.


Artwork used purely to show comparison with the conversion

The Night Lords really caught my attention with their fleshing out in the 2nd Ed Codex:Chaos.  The colour scheme with the lightning flashes and their participation in the attack on the Cadians portrayed in the Codex made them stand out from the other Legions.


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