Sunday, 5 January 2014

...but where do they all live?

Its been a busy period but I managed to motivate myself by doing the daily production line posts and a big thank you for all the comments made.  This may be the last post for a while due to work commitments kicking in from tonight.

As for how I store the army.  I'm a fan of the KR Multicase and everything in the main army photo below, plus more (Highlanders, Roughriders) live in KR cases and the 4 case bag.

Case 1
KR do shallow trays with space for 50 models.  I'm not too sure that Space Marine type models would like this but you can fit four of these in one case.  With a bit of squeezing you can fit 3 of these 50 model trays with KR's Heavy Weapon team tray (shown in the 4th photo) in one case.  In all I can fit 150 infantry and 16 Heavy teams in one case.



Case 2

The Armoured Fist Platoon (45 figures) get a case to themselves consisting of 3 x Chimera/ Leman Russ trays with two 25-figure trays.  The 5 spaces left over get used by the Commissars.  Note that I do have one space left over for a further vehicle in this case.
Case 3

Case 3 contains the Sentinels (1 spare space) and the Ogryns.  In the other slots of the left hand tray are fifteen Rough Riders.  The remaining Mortar Squad, Preachers and the Curious Constructs Artillery crew reside in the infantry tray that fits on top.

Case 4

The final case has the Leman Russ tanks and two Chimeras.  In the two trays that fit on top of this live the Highlanders and any other bits and bobs.

And the bag that takes them all!  As this is a primarily metal army the bag does have a bit of heft to it.


  1. I have been following your post's for the last few day's, and I must say I am very impressed with your collection, and progress you have made. I must admit It has been a while since I have painted any of my Praetorian's, and trust me when I say I have ton's still to do.

    I also use KR as I like their foam and find softer than GW or other competitors.

    Keep up the good work. I'm back at work tomorrow as well no rest for the wicked. Stay low and move fast mate.

    1. Thanks. Its been a long build since 98? when they were first released. I'm a sucker for punishment though, two more melta gunners arrived yesterday and I still have to strip and repaint 12 more. I'm happy though with the additional 33 added to the ranks over Christmas. Next weekend it will be more photos of the WIP and whether or not I have decided to go for more of Vic Lamb's Rough Riders...or a Crassus...or hold tight for what the IG Codex brings.

  2. I like the KR system too. And the ally ones, when the occasion demands. New iggy codex eh ? Seems like only yesterday..