Sunday, 19 January 2014

We Have Come For You!

First of all, the majority of the foot soldiers.  I haven't built up a lot of Chaos Marines as I've always treated them as something nice to collect and paint rather than a gaming army so they are not particularly balanced.

Shown below, a squad of Chosen, headed up by my Talos representation.

Next is the Troops choices, two squads of ten with plasma or meltaguns.

To add a bit of close combat punch, Night Lords who have fallen to the ways of Khorne.
Finally, the weakling dogs of the False Emperor cannot be overthrown by short range weapons alone.  I love the 2nd Ed Havocs and prefer them to any Chaos Marine heavy weapons since.


  1. S'always good to have a few CSM knocking around somewhere. These guys look good and not many other people have Nightlords. I've n'er seen them on the table before.

    1. I think from 2nd ed most players went with the Cult chapters. I carried on mh fascination with blue armies. My first 40k armies were Ultramarines, Mordians and Night Lords.

      Thanks for the comments.