Thursday, 2 January 2014

Mustering the Praetorians

After painting up the latest batch, I thought I'd get some photos of the whole of the GW Praetorians posted.

Note that this is just the GW stuff and doesn't include the figures from other manufacturers such as Curious Constructs or Victoria's Miniatures.  They'll have to wait for another day.

The photo above concentrates on the Infantry block.  The Command HQ has the Chimera, Nork Deddog and a Master of Ordnance.  The second Chimera belongs to the 1st Platoon Command Squad.  This Platoon has five squads, the 2nd Platoon four squads and three for the 3rd Platoon.  At the back are the Heavy Squads (two with Lascannons, one with Autocannons and the final with Mortars).

The Armoured Fist Platoon in all its glory.

I'll include some closer photos over the next couple of days along with an indication of future projects and even where they all live.


  1. Fantastic array of some really good classic sculpts. Congrats!

    1. Thank you. There will be more to follow especially once I have the Vic Lamb Praetorian Highlanders completed.

    2. I have a squad of her Fenguard Highlanders waiting for some attention myself. Beautiful sculpts. Excited to see yours!

  2. Replies
    1. I must admit the four box Kaiser Rushforth case does pack some heft when I pick it up.

  3. That is simply brilliant! Well done, Sir!

    I think I'll try to give your blog a 'bump' over the next few days if you don't mind: if it looks like I've forgotten, drop me an email to remind me...

  4. Great looking army! Would love to line up my lads along side them!

  5. Love seeing them all out like that. Marvellous. I'm off to the garage now to wheel some Guard out and line them up for a bit.

  6. Just having a quick gander through your previous posts. What's the total model count for just your infantry? Obviously with the extra 39 you've just finished this must have gone up a bit?