Saturday, 11 January 2014

Upcoming Projects

As others have done, these are on my list of things to stop me staring at the TV during dsark evenings for at least the first couple of months this year...and after we've enjoyed today's glorious sunshine.  Dog walk on the beach it is!
I've knocked up a squad of veterans using Cadian parts along with some Curious Constructs heads and breastplate torsos. 
Finish off some of Vic Lamb's  miniatures.
Stripping and painting more of GW's Praetorians. 
 The Inquisition!!
Bolt Action Hanomag and German infantry. 
Bolt Action British 
 Bolt Action Commandos
Dystopian Legions Dragoons
 Britannia Infantry
 Sky Hussars
 Butchering an Airfix Land Rover
 Spare Dino Lizard thing for a Rough Rider Captain!!
 Bolt Action Zulu War British with the movie versions of Chard, Bromhead and Hook.

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