Saturday, 4 January 2014

Mustering the Praetorians Pt 2

A few snaps taken closer in.

The attendant Confessors and Preachers are shown below.  I've always quite liked the simple addition of a bolt pistol to a metal Flagellant for a particularly manic Preacher.  The hair of second from left was inspired by Keith 'The Prodigy' Flint!
Showing my age by having some Rogue Trader era Commissars in the background.
The Command HQ with Vic Lamb pith helmet head on the Commissar Lord figure.
I shortened the barrels for the autocannon squad in the centre.  I never liked the length of them.

Stuck with only one 'official' Praetorian officer, I've tried to make simple weapon swap conversions or different colour overcoat to differentiate.


  1. I especially like the head swap on the Lord Commissar; very nice. I might have to steal that.

  2. Arr, the good old army parade shots. It is beautiful seeing them all lined up.
    I also love all of the additions and conversions.
    Good stuff Ady, it brought a smile to my face!