Sunday, 12 January 2014

My First Army was Mordian Iron Guard!

As the 2ed 40K Imperial Guard were rolled out, I did pick up a squad of each of the Regiments (Tallarns, Cadians, Valhallans etc) but it was the Mordians that caught my eye and became my first IG Army.  Of course they were then supplanted by the Redcoat ranks but still, with these fellows in 2nd Ed, I was unbeaten.

In the main, there are two platoons, one with Chimeras, plus the attendant Heavy Weapon Squads. 

 I took advantage of the Cadian Command Squad parts to beef up a Command HQ.  The Cadian torsos allowed them to look as if they were Carapace armoured compared to the actual Mordian dress tunic models.
 The beginnings of a Mordian Stormtrooper squad.

My original Leman Russ "Farseer Killer" is shown above.  The slogans are youthful boasting based on it trundling around a corner in its first battle to find the only target in view was Eldrad.  Suffice to say that after that round of shooting there was no more "Doom"ing and "Mind War"ing going on in the psychic phase!!  The slogans were only painted on because the Eldar player had a face like a bulldong licking piss of a nettle for the rest of the battle and some time after.

"Spider Burner" was born of the IG ability to enter vehicles from reserve at any speed and still fire all weapons.  Very good at whittling down hidden squads of Warp Spiders, especially with the mounted heavy flamer.


  1. I actually really like the graffiti on the armour - it gives the army depth and character.

    The newer additional bits blend in well, too.

    obtw; liking the mission creep as extra preatorians keep arriving. And the Landrover - outstanding.

    1. Thanks for the comments.

      I initially viewed the graffiti as being the Regiment's one allowed deviation from the spit and polish, tightly disciplined I loved rubbing the Eldar player's nose in it!!

      I have my eyes on the other bits from the Airfix range. I could even go for some quadbike Rough Riders, possibly as the rest of the squad for the Dino Rider.

    2. More dinosaurs ! The world can only be made better by little lead and/or plastic men on miniature dinosaurs !

  2. There is nothing not to like about that grffiti. Nothing.